The design of web pages has changed a lot in recent years. Adapted to the trends of each moment, it has gone through times in which it was more gimmicky and grandiloquent, abusing graphical resources to capture the attention of the navigator, then it became purely informative giving priority to the content on the form and thus it has evolved until you get to what it is today, a mixture of all the above. Therefore, we had to learn on the fly and grow while developing new technologies and web design platforms.

It must be clear that good design is not just a beautiful design, but functional and practical design. To be aesthetic and not to be operative is to fail in our work. In any case, it is a sector characterized by its transience and rapid change of tendencies. Still, we can talk about some general lines that can be maintained over time and will serve as guidelines.

So here we leave several tips that always work when it comes to plan or perform the design of web pages:

Our website should be quick when loading and when we navigate in it. If our site is slow or the load is not immediate, our users will not stay long, no matter how attractive the design of that website may be.